Nt or 95, why is NT faster, How to speed up 95

Nt or 95, why is NT faster, How to speed up 95

Post by James Langa » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00


We have a Visual Foxpro application running against a database on a
MSSQL 6.5 server.

When the app is executed from an NT40 workstation it gets done in
one third the time it takes than when the same thing is run on a Win95

Switching the Win95 machine to the SQL/Multiprotocol Netlib collapses
the time difference to plus 20 percent instead of 300 percent.

Whats going on here?

Getting Multiprotocol option installed seems more difficult than the
default named pipes.

The extra work is ok but it does not feel solid?

Thanks to all readers, a special appreciation extended to responders

        Jim Christophersen


1. ADO win 95 speed issue - NT has no problem

We're using ADO to retrieve and update tables in a SQL Server 7
database.  We keep the connection to SQL Server open throughout the
system, so we don't have a speed issue with reconnecting.

We open the ADO connection with a SELECT command to obtain one record.
Then change 22 fields in the record.

With rsData
        !ShopNumber = miShopNumber
        !ShopName = msShopName
and update it following update to the fields:


When the update is performed on a 95 machine with 128Mbyte of memory
there is a lag of 1 second and the CPU usage goes to 100%.
An NT machine with same Processor and memory barely registers the

On another 15 field update it's about the same.

The final cherry on the cake is a stored procedure call, involving 3

This pushes the CPU on the 95 machine to 100% for 1.5 seconds and the
NT machine barely registers it.

All three calls result in about a 3 second delay on a 95 machine with
450Mhz processor and 128Mbyte of RAM.  The NT machine displays it in
the blink of an eye.

The two machines are next to each other on the same network.
Ping times to the server are consistenly between 1ms and 8ms on both

Both machines are using EXACTLY the same app, ADO is 2.5 on both
machines.  We're using Visual Basic 6.

Does anyone have any ideas why the 95 machine would be so much slower?
Is it purely an operating system architecture problem that I just won't
be able to overcome?  Thus requiring an NT upgrade on the 95 machine?



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