Newbie question - creating a stored procedure to create a script

Newbie question - creating a stored procedure to create a script

Post by phas.. » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 04:00:00

At my company the software we created uses an SQL database.  Any
client to whom we sell the software needs to set up a structurally
identical database on their own servers.  Only a dozen or so tables
must be populated prior to using the software.

Currently we create a script of our own database, sans data, for them
to run to create their own.

I need a way to script out the database with the ability to add
comments and other code to the script without editing the script
itself every time I create it.

Would this be done in a stored procedure?  Is there a SQL tool to
accomplish this?  Is there any type of code anywhere that I might get
my hands on to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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For some reason I cannot open the Enterprise manager. So I cannot get
directly to my tables, stored procs, server tools, wizzards, etc.

 I can run the server and run queries, however.   So before I reinstall SQL
7.0 I want to update the script that has all the SQL to recreate  of all my
tables, stored proc's, etc.  Since I cant go into EM I cannot automatically
run this.  Is there a way to create this script from the query analyzer.  Or
at least is there a way to view the sql that creates each table, stored
procedure, so I can copy paste them into an sql file.

Thanks in advance

SM Haig

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