load file format for hierarchical data stores?

load file format for hierarchical data stores?

Post by B McDonal » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 04:53:37

Hi. Can someone tell me if there is a standard loadfile format for
representing text data that is to be imported into a hierarchical database?
You know, one that a script would process and that would have the
parent-child relationships hard-coded in the format of the load file?

Something like:

 | Janet
 |  | Andrew
 |  |  | Steven
 |  |  | Michael
 |  | Robert
 |  |  | David
 |  |  |  | James
 |  |  | Ron
 |  |  |  | Sean
 |  |  | Dan
 |  | Laura
 |  | Ann
 | Margaret
 |  | Ina




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Can somone point me to information regarding the storage of hierarchical
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Without special techniques this type of data requires the use of
recursive navigation of the data.  This type of navigation is slow and
hard to do with a RDBMS.  A special technique, we are researching,
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potential of being quite large.  We are interested in finding
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