SQL 2000 - switch from Enterprise edition to Standard edition

SQL 2000 - switch from Enterprise edition to Standard edition

Post by Asle Jens » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 17:56:12

Is it possible to degrade from Sql server 2000 Enterprise edition to
Sql server 2000 standard edition?

1. MS-SQL 2000 Enterprise edition vs. Standard Edition

I've been comparing both editions from Microsoft's website and I
pretty much understand all the differences. However, I have a question
about the Online Backup feature.
For what I understand, the standard edition has to be offline to
execute backups and doesn't support differential backups.

- Did I misunderstand the chart?
- If no, what are the consequences on the backup strategy?
- Does it mean that we have to take all databases offline everytime we
want to back them up?

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