Help! Enabling case sensitivity for a single query in MS SQL Server 6.5SP4

Help! Enabling case sensitivity for a single query in MS SQL Server 6.5SP4

Post by Eric W. Sarjean » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Short of performing a binary comparison, is there a set or a hint that can
be applied to an MS SQL query that would allow it to temporarily ignore the
server case order? We're looking to perform a query that requires case
sensitivity but don't want to have to reconfigure the entire server.

I seem to vaugly recall a 'set nocase' option but can't recall exactly.


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Not within SQL Server, however, if your table and column names are
distinct enough, you should be able to fix your code by running
it through some general search/replace tool. If you know Perl, this
is a perfect tool for the task.

You may also want to reconsider your position on using a case-sensitive
sort order. You say that your data is case-sensitive, but I'm a little
uncertain what you mean by that. Would really "Jeltsin" and "JELTSIN"
be two different customer names? Or do you mean that you want to
preserve the case that the user entered? In such case, case-insensitive
is the way to go, because SQL Server will change no case, and the user
is much happier if he does not have to remember if he put in "Jeltsin"
or "JELTSIN" when he initially added the customer to the data base.


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