DB Library Error/Network Error 10054 v6.0 sp3

DB Library Error/Network Error 10054 v6.0 sp3

Post by Amin Abdul-Kari » Sun, 21 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Configuration   :       SQL 6.0 with sp3
Network protocol:       IPX/SPX
OS              :       NT 4.0 with sp3

Running a query with three joins, one outer and two inner joins causes
an error which is reported in different ways.

ISQL window : DB libary/ Network Library error 10054
                DB -Libary connection broken process dead
SQL error log: Error 7114 State 22, Level1
                Page 0 is not a valid data page

I have run dbcc checks on all the concerned tables and the results do
not flag any table. Otherwise all the queries and connections are fine.
Just this one query produces this error.

Any help would be appreciated.




DB Library Error/Network Error 10054 v6.0 sp3

Post by Neil Pik » Mon, 22 Dec 1997 04:00:00


 Post a reproduction script - however, the likelihood is that this is
fixed on SQL 6.5 - and your only course will be upgrading.

 Neil Pike MVP/MCSE
 Protech Computing Ltd (MS Solution Provider)


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