Excel 2000 Pivot Table Limit?

Excel 2000 Pivot Table Limit?

Post by Neil Pen » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 06:02:56

Excel 2000

I have a pivot table based on data on another worksheet. There are around 20
columns and 30 rows, but the pivot table is saying the maximum number of
rows and columns has been exceeded for the pivot table, and to reduce the

Here is the full text of the message I am getting:

"Microsoft Excel cannot make this change because there are too many row or
column items. Drag at least one row or column field off the pivot table, or
to the page position. Alternatively right click a field , and then click
Hide or Hide Levels on the shortcut menu"

This occurs when trying to refresh  the data in the pivot table. After this
any attempt to do anything with the pivot table gets the error "invalid
pivot table".

What can I do to get the pivot table working?



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Hi all.

We're developing a solution y which the final analisys of
the data is through a Pivot Table in Excel which
represents data in percentages. We managed to have the
pivot table working on Excel 2000 but when we used Excel
XP the percentages are lost in some situations (showing
then '#VALUE!').

They are only lost when we filter the data picking only
some values of the fields, but not when we select the 'All
[field]' option.

This is becoming very frustrating because we thought the
percentages were allways calculated in the cube so ?why
does changing the client affect the results?.

I'm not sure if the explanation above is very clear but i
need some help with this issue asap.


Alejandro Mezcua

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