Microsoft sql7.0-client on odbc ver 2.65 and ver 3.70

Microsoft sql7.0-client on odbc ver 2.65 and ver 3.70

Post by benedictlowk » Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I've a client which is earlier run
ning odbc ver 2.65 and it's working
fine.Lately my progrmmer has changed
odbc ver to 3.7 and encouterd error
.Kindly assist me how to solve this
problem?Could it be the compatibilty
problem?My programmer requsted me
to download MADC latest support
windows98 client and server.Can it be
help.Kindly adv.....

1. SQLSVR32.DLL ver 2.65 / 3.50

I've been having so many problems with the MS SQL driver 3.50 that
installed with NT Option Pack Beta 3 (formerly  IIS4 beta), I replaced
my SQLSVR32.DLL with the version that's included in the SQL Server SP3.
This is version 2.65.0252 dated 6/16/97. Guess what, my problems went

My question is: so far everything is working fine between MTS and the
ODBC driver, which is all I'm concerned about but I'm wondering if there
are things in that ODBC driver that MTS 2.0 will be looking for. If
anyone has any input, please let me know.


-Ginger Stephens, VB Programmer
Rapp Collins Worldwide

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