learning SQL

learning SQL

Post by Jim » Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I just bought the "Learn MS SQL Server 7" by Jose Ramalho to learn the
programing aspect of the SQL.  I am wondering what is the correct setup
for the evaluation copy of the SQL server 7 included in the book?  Do I
have to have a server in order to learn SQL programing?  I installed it
on my win95 and NTworkstation but only the client part are installed,
how can I test the server part of the program?  What other resources are
good for learning SQL database programing?




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I am new to both SQL and SQL Server, I have experience with VB programming. I am
looking to use SQL Server as a backend to a VB frontend. I know a little SQL but
not enough to write the sort of stored procedures I require to query the
Can anybody recommend a good website or book that will bring me up to standard
with SQL and/or SQL Server stored procedures and views etc?

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