Record written to two separate databases and we do not know why.

Record written to two separate databases and we do not know why.

Post by R.J. Tyle » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 00:52:31

We are using SQL 7.0 with an Access 2000 front end and we have production and
development versions of each database that are completely separate.  Yesterday
one of our users entered a record into the production version of the database and
it appeared in the development version as well.  We were able to reproduce the
problem once when we entered a record in the development version and it appeared
in the production version.  We have checked the connections, stored procedures
used to enter the record, and cannot explain why the record would jump from one
DB to another without being specifically directed to do so.  Has anyone ever
encountered this problem and what was the solution?  Any help or suggestions
would be appreciated because we are currently at a loss.  My email address is

Thank you.


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Any advice would be great.


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