"Primary" keyword in Primary Key declaration

"Primary" keyword in Primary Key declaration

Post by Timm » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:01:25

Would someone please explain to me what is the keyword "Primary" after "ON"
means in this create table statement ?  I couldn't find it in the "create
table" help page.  Thank you very much!! -tim

 [PriceId] [GUID] NOT NULL ,
 [ProductId] [GUID] NOT NULL ,
 )  ON [PRIMARY] , -- <<<<<<< What is this key word Primary? What does it
 ) REFERENCES [Product] (
 ) REFERENCES [Price] (
) ON [PRIMARY] -- <<<<<<< What is this key word Primary? What does it do?


"Primary" keyword in Primary Key declaration

Post by Aaron Bertrand [MVP » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 04:59:46

Specifies which filegroup to store the table in, IIRC.

Aaron Bertrand, MVP

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Quote:>  )  ON [PRIMARY] , -- <<<<<<< What is this key word Primary? What does it


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Hi all,

I've got a table with two integer columns named "die_row" and "die_col",
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create table foobar ( die_row int, die_col int, die_rc_key int primary key )

I'd like to generate a primary key that allows quick lookup for a specific
die on a wafer. Both die_row and die_col will contain duplicates, of course.
Row and column values will be much smaller than 1000. My idea (probably
because I'm a C++ programmer) is to create a key that is set to
1000*die_row+die_col. Now I can do a quick lookup. I wrote a quicky
stored procedure to generate the index column:


 return (0)

My question: is there a direct way of setting doing this (without a stored
Or is there some entirely different way of doing this type of 2D lookup?

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