Read Only problems with Linked Tables in Access 97 using SQL 7

Read Only problems with Linked Tables in Access 97 using SQL 7

Post by Noel » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I've created a linked table from Access 97 to SQL 7 using a system DSN.  I
can easily access the records but when I try to update the file it gives me

                ODBC update on a linked table <table> failed.

I am running a desktop version of SQL server 7.0 and OS is win 98, my
application is runnng on Access 97

I would appreciate it if you could discuss me solution to your problem.
Thank You

What seems weird is I tried it at home using Access 2000 and it works just



1. SQL Tables are read-only when linked in Access 97

Hi all,

I installed VStudio 6.0, Office 97+Sr2b and SQL Server 7.0 on my NT
4.0 Workstation. When I attach SQL 7 tables in an Access 97 DB,
they are strictly read-only. If I open them with Visual Studio 6.0, I can
write, update records as well as new ones.

What's wrong ? Does SQL 7.0 drivers interfere with those from Office
97 and/or VStudio ? Note I must find a solution for next week since
I have to design a front-end MS Access application to open tables
with write access rights...


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