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I have a SQL Server 6.5 shop.  
I run a VB Application on this SQL Server using ENglish NT.

My department wants to use Chinese Data also henceforth.  I was told we
would be using RICHWIN software for the same.

How do I get these Chinese characters into my Database?

Please Help ...




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Hi there,

Can anybody tell me this VBA-code (From Word97) doesn't work:

        Dim conn As Connection
        Set conn = OpenConnection("test", , , "ODBC;DSN=test")
        conn.Execute ("INSERT INTO test (ID) VALUES (34);")

It doesn't do anything.

Please respond to this newsgroup or to:

-=> Please remove 'NOSPAM' before sending mail to the adress above.

Kind regards,

Ted van der Veen
Veenendaal, The Netherlands

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