Trouble subscribing

Trouble subscribing

Post by Vimal Jobanputr » Wed, 06 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Could anyone help with me newcomer questions ?

I have a web server which is running SQL server 7.0, and is hosted and
manged by a third pary company. I wish to pull (subscribe) data from this
into our intranet server, also running MSSQL 7.

Every time I try to set this up using the New>Pull Subscription, the remote
(web) server cannot be found. I am entering the IP address in the Server
dialogue, and the login is correct, but just get back the message "Specified
SQL Server not found. ConnectionOpen(CreateFile())"

Any suggestions most appreciated.


1. trouble restoring a DB, trouble deleting half-restored DB


I need to do the following:
 - using a complete DB backup (created nightly using a maintenance
plan -- mostly using defaults)
    - from a clustered SQL7 SP1 server running under NT4, SP6
    - that is the publisher for 2 replications, one merge, one simple
    - that runs on a "shared" drive f:, a RAID system
 - I need to restore the backup on a non-clustered system (NT4 SP6,
SQL7, SP2) onto drive c:, remove the replications, and then begin some
other work.

I seem to be having trouble restoring. I manually changed the drive f:
(that the backup rememembers) to c: for the DB and the Logs. The
restore seemed to work OK, but I'm left with a DB that shows no
contents and shows "still loading" in Enterprise Manager.

When I try to delete it (I now have 2 of these, both with the same
name) I get an error:

  21776 ... <DB name> not found in the database collection. if the name
is a qualified name, try [] ...

Any ideas what I need to do to get out of this bind?

(I can type the entire error message if that would help.)


Tim Hanson

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