Time-outs that didn't happen under NT4sp6

Time-outs that didn't happen under NT4sp6

Post by Larry Boro » Sat, 04 Aug 2001 02:24:10

Running a data mining app on both an NT4 workstation and a
Windows2000 machine.  Both have their own local SQLServer7
databases--machines are not connected.

No problems on NT4.  Same app on Win2000 keeps getting
time-out error (ODBC error#20085).



1. Query Timing Out - When it didn't before

I have a view that is run, and works without fail for small amounts of data.
I have to run this view in order to gather data for an export I do weekly.
Lately, we've been pumping up production, so the view takes longer and
longer to run.  I've reached the point now, though, that it times out while
gathering all the data.

The view gathers data from two places...tables and other views.

Is there a way I can fix this?  If so, can someone help me out and give me
the 'dumbed down' version, as I'm still relatively new working with SQL

Thanks for the help.

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