Event ID:17045 don't understand why

Event ID:17045 don't understand why

Post by John » Sat, 07 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello to everyone.  Iam new to the group and SQL so please be patient with

I have this reoccuring Event message and can not seem to find out why.  Can
someone tell me if it is SQL or the Backup Exec causing the error?  I have
looked in all the places I know and can't even find the defination of
17045. Any help is appreciated.
Enviroment: multiple servers with BackOffice
NT 4.0 Sp3
SQL 6.5
Backup Exec 6.11
note: MSDTC service not running, MSSQUServer running.
I am able to backup everything with Exec through the shared service.
However, this message keeps showing up in the Event Viewer with several
dumps listed. I do not know if SQL is being backed up correctly or not. We
are still in the process of setting up the differnt databases and are
really not using all the features yet. (still learning)
John Hille
Network Administrator
McLane Group
Temple, Texas


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