Backup SQL server with external software

Backup SQL server with external software

Post by PSI » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 04:49:36

Has anyone sucessfully made a backup of SQL server using Veritas Backup?

I need to be able to backup SQL Server databases along with other info
during regular backups.




Backup SQL server with external software

Post by lummer » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 06:39:29


what i have done and what never failed over
2 years:
- make backup by mssql-job
- put the name of the backup file on the
   veritas list to be put to tape (or elsewhere)
- you have to be sure that the mssql backup job is
   complete before teh veritas backup job starts.
   So put 1 or two hours between and have a look on
   the event viewer where mssql-backups ar logged with execution
   time. If you don't have to backup more than 1 or two gigabytes
   of db-data there should be no problem with execution time.

There is a veritas utility that you can buy for a few
1000 Euros that makes backups directly, but having not more than
2GB of db-data i think you can spare the money




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