inventory cube but 4 time dimension are used...

inventory cube but 4 time dimension are used...

Post by Jér?me Poudo » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:08:34


I've 1 cube with some inventory data

I've 4 ime dimensions on it
2 for the date (dates.real, dates.production)
2 for the time (time.real, time.relative)

I can create a calculated member to display the latest known value for 1
dimension, but how I can create this measure to be used on my 4 dimensions ?

for my date dimension (lowest level : day), I want to display the last day
with data
for my time dimension (lowest ans only level : hour), I want to display the
last hour with data, or the last day if the time = 0 (midnight)




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We have two cubes:
1. Cube 1 has a time dimension with the levels year-month
2. Cube 2 has a time dimension with the levels year-month-day

We want to create a virtual cube from these two cubes. We tried to create a
new shared time dimension Year-Month-Day and changed the member property
"Disabled" of the Day level to true when using the dimension in Cube 1. But
the aggregated sum of the measure at the Month level in the cube is still
wrong. Does anyone know how the property "Disabled" is supposed to work?

Disabled means - "Determines whether the level is disabled. Disabled levels
are not available in the cube. They are used when the most detailed level of
data is not available in the fact table"..

We can fix this in the fact table behind Cube 1 (add the day 01 to every
time member), but we would like to do it in the cube.

Any suggestions?


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