License Upgrade of Evaluation version

License Upgrade of Evaluation version

Post by kevin9.. » Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I installed a 10 connection evalution version of
SQL 7.  As instructed, I uninstalled it to
install a "per seat" purchased version of SQL7.
Instead of being prompted for my new license key,
I am prompted to accept the eval version.

I have run regclean to remove obsolete registry
entries and deleted the folder without luck.  Is
there a file that contains this eval info that i
can delete or rename?

Thanks, Any help would be appreciated.


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We downloaded the SQL 6.5 Evaluation version and put it into production. It
will expire this week :(
 We have purchased a copy of SQL Server a now want to enter the licensing
info.  I have tried to run setup (from the I386 directory) and choose
upgrade on the new version.  I get a message "Cannot Upgrade  SQL Server
6.5".   This version should be updated using service Pack 3.

I ran the setup from the SP3\I386 directory and it did not ask for any
licensing info, but seems to have installed correctly. The message that
tells me that That my evaluation copy is going to expire in 3 days seems to
have gone away.   I have set the clock on the server ahead and I do not get
locked out of the database.  Is there something else I need to do to enter
the licensing info, CD key etc?  Is this a time bomb waiting to explode?

Thank you

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