SQLMail won't start !

SQLMail won't start !

Post by Richard Waymir » Sat, 22 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Here's my step by step rule:

1)  The mssqlserver service must be running as a user account with an
exchange mailbox.  Stop/restart the service once you've chnaged to this user
account in control panel - services.  Make sure the account is a local

2)  Log on to the SQL Server machine as the above user (use SQLMAIL as an
example account).  Install the exchange client as necessary.  Configure a
mail profile.  Rename the mail profile in your exchange configuration to
something easy to type (such as sqlmail).  Test mail from the client...

3) Configure the above profile name either in Enterprise Manager or SQL
Server setup.

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>I have tried everything but I still get the following errors:

>When I run (or use the "Start" from the Enterprise Manager):

>xp_startmail 'username', 'password'

>it says:

>Msg 17952, Level 18, State 1
>Failed to start SQL Mail session.
>Check the errorlog file in the SQL Server directory for details.

>Here is the log:

>97/11/21 12:50:16.37 ods      Starting SQL Mail session...
>97/11/21 12:50:16.44 ods      Error : 17903, Severity: 18, State: 1
>97/11/21 12:50:16.44 ods      MAPI login failure.
>97/11/21 12:50:16.45 ods      Error : 17951, Severity: 18, State: 1
>97/11/21 12:50:16.45 ods      Failed to start SQL Mail session.

>I am running MS SQL Server 6.5 on NT 3.51 workstation with the Exchange
>4.0 client. The Exchange client works fine as a standalone.

>Looks like LOTS of people have these problems from the KB and news

>Can anybody give some help. I have already read the articles and I think
>I have tried most everything.

>TIA... Jeff