cost of run-times qus5tion.

cost of run-times qus5tion.

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If you develop a product that utilizes SQL-Server, are the run-times freely


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1. Query Analyzer - I/O Cost, CPU Cost, and Cost

When you run a query and look at the Execution Plan you
will see three different costs.
1) I/O Cost - estimated cost of all I/O activity for the
2) CPU Cost - estimated cost for all CPU activity for the
3) Cost - cost to the query optimizer in executing this

Obviously all three should be minimized BUT which is more
important to minimize.  When comparing between two
different methodologies for a task, which cost is most
important when deciding which method is best?

                Method 1    Method 2
                ---------   ---------
Total I/O Cost = 0.02632     0.897
Total CPU Cost = 0.000082    0.567001
Total Cost     = 0.032851    0.016438

Method 1 (does 2 Writes and a Read) is much less costly
when it comes to I/O Cost and CPU Cost.  Method 2 (does 1
Read and 1 Write) is half as costly in terms of Cost.

So which Method will produce better performance and why?

Thanks for any help,
Mark Milchuk

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