Subscription of Publication 'DATABASE' is invalid

Subscription of Publication 'DATABASE' is invalid

Post by steve » Wed, 08 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

I'm planning to use SQL's Merge replication feature to solve synchronization
issues. However, I got stucked at some errors. Let's say I configured
publisher and distributor at Server A. Publication created at Server A named
DataPub1. Then, I create push new subscription to Server B using Merge type.
It will initialize the schemas and everything is working properly. But, when
it comes to Synchronization process, it is failed. The error is
"Subscription of Publication 'DataPub1' is invalid". Anyone has any idea
about this?

Best regards,



1. Subscription to publication 'x' is invalid

I have the following problem with replication:

All machines are Win2K SP1, SQL server 2000. Server x is
publisher/distributor. Server y has several merge publications pushed to it
by server x. This problem is occurring on server y (subscriber).

I get the following error on server y:

Category: Agent, Source: Merge Replication Provider, Number: -2147201019
Error: The subscription to publication 'x' is invalid
Category: Data Source, Source: 'Server x', Number: 20026
Error: The publication 'x' does not exist.

I have looked in sysmergepublications on server y (ie the subscriber), and
there is only one record (for the subscription that is working correctly,
and there is not an entry for the one causing the above problem). I've also
had this problem on another publication, and I dropped the subscribers,
dropped the publication and recreated it. This simply moved the problem on
to another publication.

Another funny thing that I've noticed is that this problem does not happen
immediately after recreating the publication and its subscriptions, and
seems to happen after the merge agent has run several times.

I have dropped and recreated several publications on this database, which
caused a similar problem on SQL server pre-SP3, where the pubid in
syspublications exceeded a max value.

Would it be useful to drop all subscriptions to all publications, drop the
publications, remove replication and start again? Obviously this is the last
thing I'd try as these are live systems!

I'd appreciate any suggestions!


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