PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 267

PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 267

Post by pete » Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:38:18

When setting up SP1 for MSDE2000 on Windows 2000 the setup rolled back.
The setup log showed error: PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 267.

Other lines near the error:
    "Starting custom action InstallPerfMon"
    "Registering performance counters from sqlctr.ini"

Manually loading the performance counters was no problem. (lodctr
I tried this because Perfmonload with other errorcodes sometimes points to
problems loading the performance counters.

The SQL Tools were also installed on the machine. I think it might have to
do with the combination of MSDE and the SQL Tools on the box involved. I
suggested uninstalling both the MSDE and the Tools and then reinstalling
MSDE, SP1 and the Tools, no result reported yet.

Any experience out there with this error?


1. PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 6

When installing MSDE on a Windows 2000 computer migrated from Windows 98 the
MSDE setup rolled back.

I created a log file and found the error:
"PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 6"

This points to article Q315083 in the MS Knowledgebase.
However, none of the suggested solutions helped.

As the problem was related to the user counts, using ORCA I removed the part
from the install execute sequence section. Installing went fine than.

There is a problem regarding the performance counters indeed. Perhaps I
should have tried stopping all irelevant services, or reinstall MDAC. Any

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