Recommedations for SQL7 visual programming tools (Access 2000?)

Recommedations for SQL7 visual programming tools (Access 2000?)

Post by Aunty Da » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Dear all,

I need some better visual programming tools for SQL Server 7. I already have
Visual Studio 6 Pro. As far as I can see you need the upgrade to the
Enterprise edition to get some half-decent visual tools for working with SQL
Server 7. Does anyone know any cheaper/better third-party alternatives?

One thing I have just seen is the new integration of Access 2000 and SQL
Server via it's support for MSDE with an OLE DB driver. (AS far as I can see
MSDE appears to be SQL Server Desktop edition without the MMC front-end.)

Has anyone tried using Access 2000 as a front end for SQL Server 7? Does it
have the ability to create and debug T-SQL?

Thanks for any opinions and experience,
Daniel S.
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I have recently installed a new server - SQL2000, this leaves me with
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servers from the SQL7 & SQL2000 client tool, query analyser and ent

I installed the 2000 QA & EM onto my desktop and am having difficulty
connecting - I believe it is not a version issue, but a
network/firewall issue.
SQL7 machine 'A' is on the lan, my desktop QA & EM connects to it at
normal speed. However SQL7 machine 'B' is on a secure network - it
connects, but at a terribly slow speed.

The timeout expired initially until I removed it.

Any ideas?
Kind regards,

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