Retrieving the properties of Dimensions from Excel 2000 Pivot Tables

Retrieving the properties of Dimensions from Excel 2000 Pivot Tables

Post by Justin Parry-Okede » Tue, 08 Oct 2002 08:20:07

Hi there,

I was trying to work out if it is possible to retrieve the property values
of dimensions as we designed them in our cube.

Eg. for a date dimension we have set a property value of the Month called
NoDays, which is read from the dimension table, and has (you guessed it) the
no of days in that particular month (Feb 2000 = 29, Mar 2001 = 31 etc.)

If not, is there a far more nifty front end tool which would be able to do
this as well as solve much of the short commings of Excel 2000 such as drill

Thanks in advance



Retrieving the properties of Dimensions from Excel 2000 Pivot Tables

Post by Zine Bouki » Tue, 08 Oct 2002 23:41:17

Hi Justin,

I suggest you have a look at <>. It's a nifty
excel add-in which we've used on a number of projects and it goes down
well with our users. You can use it to insert member properties. It
supports Drill-Through as well as many (standard and advanced)
features you'd expect from an Olap client, all within Excel


Zine Boukili.
Inform Information Systems.


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