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I have just installed the SNMP service on my nt-server 4.0 with sp4.
I have left everything as default.   Left the community name at public,
Accept SNMP PACKET from all hosts.   I have reinstalled sp4.
When I send a trap "snmpget ntws-xxx public system.sysDescr.0" I just
get "No Response" back.    Can someone tell what I am missing.

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1. Oracle snmp and HPUX snmp problem

hi all,
i've been trying weeks but w/o success on getting Oracle 7.2 snmp peer
and HPUX10.20 snmp sub agent to run at the same time.

I can start master and encap peer fine but I couldnt start HPUX snmp
agent due to this error msg in snmpd.out:
        Start SNMP Master Network Management daemon
        Start SNMP HP-UX Network Management subAgent
        EXIT CODE: 255
                ERROR: Failed to start subagent
        start SNMP MIB-2 Network Management subAgent
        EXIT CODE: 255
                ERROR: Failed to start subagent

and vice versa,
        master and encap peer would failed if HPUX snmp daemon is running
w/ this error:
        snmp bind failure: Address already in use
        ./master_peer:initializatoin failure

anybody encountered this kinda problem before???
any help would be appreciated.  TIA

ps: /etc/services -> snmp port is 1161, trap is 1162
        start_peer: NEW SNMP PORT is 1161

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