Known problems with Service Pack 5a........

Known problems with Service Pack 5a........

Post by Brandt, Ri » Sat, 01 May 1999 04:00:00

Two things.  One not-so-serious, but a pain in the A--. The other was not a
big deal in my application, but I could see how it could be devastating for
others in certain situations.

Issue 1:
We run SQL Server 6.5 back end from Access 97 front end.  In the beginning
we saw the usual update error issues on tables with text and/or image
columns ("another user has updated this record since you began editing
it...").  At the time the "fix" from MS was to add TimeStamp fields to all
affected tables.  I was about to do this when MS released a Service Pack
(can't remember the number).  Application of this SP seemed to clear up all
of the editing problems so I never bothered with the TimeStamp field

Well, the application of SP5a caused all of the problems to reappear and I
had to go in and add TimeStamps.

Issue 2:
I set up some of my tables to use the Numeric(10,0) datatype for the storage
of phone numbers.  These all worked for many months just fine unitl the
application of SP5a combined with the new SQL Server ODBC driver (3.6) on
the client.  Any entry of data in these fields would ALWAYS cause the final
digit to change by one (as if rounding were occurring).  People using the
older (2.65) SQL Server driver would not experienc this problem and it was
confined to using MSAccess.  The same edit done from within MSQuery would
store and display the proper number.

I rebuilt all of the tables using this datatype and changed them to varchar.
The nature of my application was such that it was immediately obvious that
the number was not stored properly.  For someone else (particularly if the
data was a little more important than a phone number), I could envision that
this could have had serious consequences.

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Hi Folks,

We have recently  installed SQL server 6.5 & Service Pack 5a.  
The client is in 'C'  which  connects to  the SQL server database
through ODBC calls.

We encountered  dynamic cursor going in to infinite loop with service
pack 5a. This is a known  bug  in Service Pack 5a & the fix given is to
make the cursor INSENSITIVE or use the latest 440 build.

We  don't have cursors created  at the server side.  From the client  we
tried setting  the  the cursor  type to SQL_CURSOR_KEYSET_DRIVEN  
nResult =
The  infinite looping problem gets fixed with the above statement but
client gets hung when 3-4 clients make large transactions.

Can anyone help me, how to make the cursor INSENSITIVE through
 ODBC call?
And also where can I get Service Pack 5a ,  440  build.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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