Debugging Stored Procedures.

Debugging Stored Procedures.

Post by Dan » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 05:06:06

Why dont I have the option to debug Stored Procedures (i.e. step through them and set break points) in my version of VS.NET 2003..  I am using the version that is given out to Colleges for students through msdnaa.  I was under the impression that we received a version with all the abilities as the Enterprise version.  

Is there something I have to do to enable SP debugging in Visual Studio other then setting the option to 'true' in the Solution Properties?

When I right click on a Stored Procedure using the Server Browser, I only have the option to 'run' amoung other useless options.  I watched a .NET Show video and watched the guy setup step through a SP, and I believe I did everything he did, but I dont have the same options he has.  Possible that its just not an option in my version?

I have posted this question in the VS debugging group, but figured I would ask here, since you all program using Sql Server :).  Also, how else could I step through my stored procedures?  Any free tools available out there?


Daniel Demers


1. Debugging stored procedure

I am trying to debug a stored procedure using the Debugger in the Query
On one computer I have no problems.

On the other it won't stop in the stored procedure. When I start to run it
and give it the paramter values it just runs the procedure without stopping.
In the other SQL Server it stops on the first statement of the procedure.
I tried puting in a breakpoint but it just disappears when I start to trun
the test.

What is wrong??

Jonathan Blitz
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