DTS & DB2 ODBC Driver Using DB2 Connect

DTS & DB2 ODBC Driver Using DB2 Connect

Post by CR » Fri, 14 Dec 2001 08:51:55

I have a DTS package that pulls multiple DB2 tables into SQL Server 2000
using IBM CLI driver with DB2 Connect.

Works great.

Problem is that I can only download one DB2 table at a time.  This means
that I have to set my package properties to execute only 1 task in parallel
(very inefficient when many other tasks COUJLD be running at the same time).

I get an error that is fairly generic.  I'm assuming that ODBC or DB2 (or
something) can only handle one "thread" or connection to DB2 at a time.  I'm
guessing that the task that is in wait times out or something like that
causing the DTS package to fail.

Does anyone have experience with something like this?  Is this a DB2 ODBC
setting?  Any input is appreciated.



1. Hit ODBC DB2 driver versus IBM ODBC driver for DB2

Hi, I have a rather peculiar little problem.

I installed IBM's own ODBC driver for DB2 (ver 7.1) on an NT 4.0 station and
connected the driver to a db2 base on MVS. After a couple of tries, it
finally connected. To test out the connection and doing some preliminary
test queries, I tried to link some tables in MS Access 97.

Problem #1:

In DB2 Connect, there is no way to filter out tables, or it does not work
properly. I wanted to show only tables with a prefix of
D100UOIP.<tablenames>. Anyone knows where to put in D100UOIP in the DB2
connect clientconfiguration. I have tried every thinkable parameter.

So I got every single table in the database (a lot of tables, I can tell
you) listed in the link table box in Access. I the marked out all those with
D100UOIP as prefix, and they all got linked in nicely. So far so good.

Problem #2:

When I tried to open a single table, some of the tables opened without any
problems (of course, the login box came first), and some table did not come
up so nicely. What happened here is kind of strange to me. When I clicked on
one of the "badly" behaved tables, the login box came up(even if it came up
once before), I logged in to MVS and pressed enter. Then, for each row in
the window, the login box multiplied automatically giving xx number of login
boxes. I could'nt possibly logon through every box, so I pressed cancel on
each box, and at the end, the table filled out all fields with #error or
#deleted or something. And then MS Access crashed.

Whatever I tried to do, it did not correct the problem. So I started looking
around for another ODBC driver, and found Hit ODBC driver from StarWare(?).
The had a 30 day license to try out the driver. I installed it, put D100UOIP
in the database owner field, and tried the same procedure in MS Acces as I
did for IBM's driver. And everything worked 100%. Only one login box came up
on the first table I tried to open, and it stayed open (MS Access did not
crash anymore)

I have another database tool I'm using for browsing through ODBC databases,
and that worked perfectly as well, listing only the tables with the prefix

Question: What it wrong here. How come IBM can't produce a stable and
working ODBC driver for their own DB2 running on their own machine?

Anyone had the same experience as I, and perhaps a solution. That would be
very much appreciated.

Thank you

Per Skjondal
Software Developer,
Bergen, Norway

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