Bulk Insert Error with SQL 2000

Bulk Insert Error with SQL 2000

Post by Ken Crai » Wed, 09 Jan 2002 05:18:25

Our New 2000 production server will not see a fixed field as a null.
We import a file in SQL 7.0 That has |    | sometimes and it imports
this as null. Some of our other extracts may have || and it also sees
this as null. SQL 2000 sees || as null but will not see |    | as null.
Is there a setting or something that I need to adjust to fix this issue.

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1. Error when bulk insert follows another large bulk insert

I am running a job out of MS SQL Enterprise Manager where the first step
turns off transaction logging, the 2nd step is a large bulk insert step,
and the 3rd step is another large bulk insert step.  I receive the
following error when executing the 3rd step.  Is this error occurring
because the database is still comitting data from the previous large bulk
insert at the same time as it is performing the next bulk insert?  If so,
is there a workaround?  Thank you for any help you can provide.

Error message from Step 3 (2nd bulk insert):
Backup, CHECKALLOC, bulk copy, SELECT INTO, and file manipulation
(such as CREATE FILE) operations on a database must be serialized.
Reissue the statement after the current backup, CHECKALLOC, or
file manipulation operation is completed. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3023)  
The statement has been terminated. [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 3621).  
The step failed.

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