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Hi all! :)

    Does anyone knows where I can find a BCP how-to? (Yes I've read the
on-line docs "Books OnLine")
    I'm looking for something else.
    Thank you for trying help me.



1. Nasty SybPerl/bcp "bad free()" problem

I'm having an intermittent problem with bcp's from within SybPerl.
Namely, I get

  bcp_sendrow($dbp, ucssc, aeib)...Done.
  bcp_sendrow($dbp, ucssc, aemx)...Done.
  bcp_sendrow($dbp, ucssc, aetc)...Done.
  bcp_done($dbp)...Bad free() ignored at /usr/local/kb/lib/kbsupport.pl \
    line 1264.
  bcp_sendrow($dbp, all, abbj)...Done.
  bcp_done($dbp)...Bad free() ignored at /usr/local/kb/lib/kbsupport.pl \
    line 1264.

After all this, it usually ends in:

  Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

(Ah... didn't that feel better?)  The associated code is:

  &'bcp_init($main'dbp, $tt, '', "$tt.err", $main'DB_IN);
  &'bcp_meminit($main'dbp, 2);

    ($domain, $docid) = &domain_docid($_);
    print STDERR "bcp_sendrow(\$dbp, $domain, $docid)...";
    &'bcp_sendrow($'dbp, $domain, $docid);
    print STDERR "Done.\n";
  print STDERR 'bcp_done($dbp)...';
  $ret = &'bcp_done($main'dbp);
  print STDERR "Done.\n";

Anyone had this and know what the problem is?  I'm guessing that it's
a compilation problem with Perl/SybPerl, but it could be a server
configuration problem, too.  I'm too new to this stuff to start

FYI, the system is Sybase R10 under Solaris 2.3 (SPARCstation 20).


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