renaming mdf files consequences

renaming mdf files consequences

Post by bert » Sat, 05 Feb 2000 04:00:00

SQL Server 7.0

Hey all :
I recently renamed db's (single user >> sp_renamedb >> multi user)
on a certain server, but they
maintained the old mdf database name.
Is there a safe way of changing the name of the file ?
Are there any consequences ?
I tried just detaching and renaming the mdf file then reattaching...
This gave me some errors.  I left the whole thing...
Don't have the luxury now...
The Server's mdf files are a mess and hard to keep track of...


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I need to replicate a 26GB database.  The source database has only 1
logical name and 1 physical file (26GB .mdf file).  Unfortunately, on
my target server I don't have one big file system.  I manage to
combine space by create a new database with multiple files.  But
restore fails because I don't have the same file configuration.  Has
any one successfuly done this type of clone?
I'd love to hear a different approach.

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