Null values exporting to Excel

Null values exporting to Excel

Post by John » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 01:25:50

I am exporting a table from SQL7 to Excel using DTS.
(I have also tried using BCP and through an Access.)

When I export to excel, some of the rows have null values and the data in the row
will shift to the left one column whenever this happens.  I have resized the
columns to ensure that they are in the wrong columns.  I have also exported to a
text file and then imported to excel and there is no problem with the null values
and the following columns align properly.

Anyone know a reason or a bug that is causing this problem and hopefully a way to
solve this problem and export directly to excel.

Thanks in Advance


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With DTS, I export a table with some Null values.

In the resulting XLS file, for a Null value, instead to have the cell blank,
the cell is filled by the value of the just right column ; and all the next
values of the row are shifted to the left.

How to make correspond a Null value with a blank cell ?


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