Trap ODBC errors?

Trap ODBC errors?

Post by Simon Clar » Wed, 10 Nov 1999 04:00:00

How can I trap the "Driver is probably out of resources..." error which I
get when a deadlock appears on my server?

I have a bunch of VFP6 clients in which I placed an error trap, but it never
caught this ODBC error...

Help please!!


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1. Trapping ODBC Errors

Hello all:
I'm in the process of build some forms in VB to display ad hoc queries
in a grid.  I am using Oracle 7.0 and ODBC as the storage and connection
medium.  If the user enters an invalid query, I can trap the error from
ODBC, which is #3146, for all errors.   Is it possible to get a
more detailed error number or message.  I thought about using ODBC API
but how would I get the error without logging in, creating environment
and statement handles, etc.   Am I attacking this problem the wrong way?


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