Sync with backup? Help!

Sync with backup? Help!

Post by Darwi » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 01:31:41

What exactly is "sync with backup"?  It appears to me to
be a common phrase used to define a process rather than a
name for a feature of SQL Server.  We are trying to set up
a secondary server to switch to in case the production
server fails on us.  We need to keep the secondary server
synchronized with the production server with as little
delay as possible.  We have been attempting to use
replication to do this but so far replication has proven
to be rather unreliable.  Somebody here on this newsgroup
told me once that we should probably not be using
replication for this purpose and suggested we do a "sync
with backup" but that was a new phrase to me.  I have
searched for information on "sync with backup" with no
success so I am now assuming that is a process rather than
a feature of SQL Server.  I now suspect it means to create
a batch job that runs periodically on the backup server
and restores the databases on the backup server from  
backup files on the production server.  Correct?  Our two
servers do not reside in the same network domain, in fact,
they do not even reside in the same town.  Is my
assumption as to the meaning of "sync with backup" ,
correct?  If not, what does "sync with backup" mean?


Sync with backup? Help!

Post by Michael Hote » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 01:05:55

No.  Synch with backup is new in SQL Server 2000.  There is pretty good
documentation on it in BOL.  When you go to backup a system running
transactional replication, the challenge is to get a coherent copy of the
publisher/distributor which may reside on different servers.  Synch with
backup refers to a process which guarantees the publisher/distributor will
be synchronized during a backup process to provide coherency in your system.

If all you are trying to do is maintain a standby server, you need to look
into log shipping.


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