Permission Denied

Permission Denied

Post by PDADe » Fri, 04 Oct 2002 23:23:20

Yes..I was trying to set the primary key with the pulled
table with TRAKINGON...

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>If you are doing Pull with TrackingOn, the PK is already
there. It is Pulled
>along with the data for the table.


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>> I 'm successfully pulling the tables from data server
>> to the PDA,but when i try to set the primary key for the
>> table on the Pda ,i get a message 'permission denied'..
>> what could be wrong?
>> Any help is appreciated.



1. EXECUTE Permission denied...What Execute permission????

When using an asp page to access a SQL Server 6.5 I get a response of
EXECUTE Permission Denied.

This occures when I try to open a recordset.

RS.Open "tablename", conn, 3,3

Its weird, I gave the user full access to select, insert etc but i get the
execute permission denied message. I only see an execute permission for
stored procedures, not tables.
If I hardcode it to use the sa account it works. As far as I can tell Ive
given this user all the permissions I can. Would this user need any access
to the other tables ie. master etc??

Thanks, Bob

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