desire to move data from OS 390 DB2 to AS/400 DB2 using DTS

desire to move data from OS 390 DB2 to AS/400 DB2 using DTS

Post by Suza » Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:31:36

Can someone tell me how to move data from DB2 running on OS/390 to DB2 on

I heard that I will need the IBM client ODBC drivers.  Any more clues?

Thank you.



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I have DB2 v6.0 in OS/390.

I need to load huge text file data into DB2 in OS/390 in monthly
basis. The problem is these text files are not in fixed-length format.
I need to use either REXX script or C script to read one-by-one record
from these comma delimited text files into fixed length before using
DB2 Loader loads it into OS/390.

I heard that DB2 v7x in NT can load data in comma delimiter.
Is it possible for me to use DB2 Loader NT version and Load the data
into OS/390?.
The idea is I provide an NT machine with DB2 v7x (NT version)
installed on that machine. I ftp those comma delimeted text files to
NT machine and using DB2 Loader in NT loads all text files to DB2 in

Does this scenario work?

Thanks in advance.


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