restore all database to a brand new server

restore all database to a brand new server

Post by crv » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 10:12:34

NT4serverSP6a, SQL7SP3
I am restoring all databases(master, msdb, PJC databases and other user
databases) from a server to a brand new server. The two servers have
different names. After all databases have been restored, only PJC(Microsoft
Project Central Database) can not work. What causes this problem? Does
different computer name affect the new sql server?



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Hello there,
We are going to move the SQL server(NT4SP6a, IIS4, SQL7SP3) to a brand new
server(NT4SP6a, IIS4, SQL7SP3). The new server name is different from the
old server. There are microsoft project central server to run on the old
How should I do to keep the PJC and other user database continue working
when I move?
Is there any documents to help me?

any ideas?

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