Insert data into PivotTable

Insert data into PivotTable

Post by Denny Le » Fri, 09 Feb 2001 02:35:24

Well, the pivot table component can receive data data from tabular data
sources, Olap data sources, and XML data sources or you can use the OWC data
source component.  So the short answer is that no - you cannot insert data
into a pivot table manually unless you're talking about one of the above
data sources.  If you're inserting data manually into the system and if
you're not using one of the above data sources, just curious, would using
the OWC spread sheet object suffice your needs ?

> Is it possible to insert data into a pivot table manual? Can I manually
> insert my own fields without specifying a datasource or bind it to
> another control? How?

> ?ystein.

> > Unfortunately, you cannot insert an MDX statement into a pivot table
> or
> > pivot table list object.

> > sorry !
> > denny  8-)

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> > > I want to insert data into a pivottable using a MDX-expression
> quering
> > > a OLAP-server. Is this possible and how? How can I insert data into
> a
> > > PivotTable without using DataSource, DataMember and CommantText
> > > properties?

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> > > ?ystein Langerak

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Insert data into PivotTable

Post by ?ystein Langera » Tue, 13 Feb 2001 05:14:11

I was trying to make an easy wrapper for the pivottable where the user
could send in an MDX-expression and the result was displayed in a
pivottable connected to the chart-component. Instead a made a wrapper
for chart-component because this one a could insert data into easily.

Thanks for your help!


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Tks for any clue,

"If your source data allows you to change the summary
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