Error Upsizing Access Database to SQL Server 7.0

Error Upsizing Access Database to SQL Server 7.0

Post by Bobby Golub » Sun, 15 Sep 2002 03:10:07

     I have a question about an error I am getting when
upsizing my Access Database back end to SQL Server 7.0.  
My server has the following configuration:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 3
SQL Server 7.0, Service Pack 4, OLAP Services Service Pack
Microsoft Office 2000, Service Pack 2

When I attempt to upsize my database, the first four
tables are upsized successfully, but the fifth table has
the following error in a window that pops up
called "Errors from Server":

   SQL that Caused Error(s):

   Server Error 0: Timeout Expired

The table that is having the error is very large, with
240,972 records.  I have tried to perform the upsizing
after cutting the size of the table down to only 20,000
records, and the error does not occur.
     I would like to know if there is a timeout parameter
in SQL Server 7.0 that I can configure that would keep
this timeout error from occurring while upsizing my
database with the full table of 240,972 records.  I have
already tried setting "remote login timeout" = 0
and "resource timeout" = 100000, but neither of these has
helped.  Thank you very much for any advice you can
provide me!

Take care!
Bobby Goluba


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I have just installed version 7 of SQL Server and am having some

Background info:

I installed version 7 and then used the import/export data feature to
upsize some Microsoft Access tables to SQL. I have checked the tables
once imported into SQL and they all look ok.

I then created an ODBC connection to this database in SQL. This ODBC
connection would then be used by some of our other software.

These same steps were done in version 6.5 and I managed to get SQL to
connect to our software.

However, with version 7 I get an error message saying that I cannot
connect to the database and create/insert some records in a SQL table.

I have checked that the database and table has permissions set to add
data to the tables.

Can anyone tell me how I can set up a database to allow users to
connect to it and insert data into the tables. I can read data from
the SQL tables without any problems. Therefore, I am sure it is some
setup issue that is not allowing external programs to connect to SQL
to append data to the tables.

I am not an SQL expert but am just trying to set it up in the same way
as I set up SQL 6.5. The changes between the 2 versions means that I
need to do something else to setup read/write permissions, but what?

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