Pivot table in Excel 2000 vs Excel XP

Pivot table in Excel 2000 vs Excel XP

Post by Alejandro Mezcu » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:54:22

Hi all.

We're developing a solution y which the final analisys of
the data is through a Pivot Table in Excel which
represents data in percentages. We managed to have the
pivot table working on Excel 2000 but when we used Excel
XP the percentages are lost in some situations (showing
then '#VALUE!').

They are only lost when we filter the data picking only
some values of the fields, but not when we select the 'All
[field]' option.

This is becoming very frustrating because we thought the
percentages were allways calculated in the cube so ?why
does changing the client affect the results?.

I'm not sure if the explanation above is very clear but i
need some help with this issue asap.


Alejandro Mezcua


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Hello everyone,
our customer has decided that Excel 2000 will be used to
access Analysis Services, since other frontends like
Arcplan are far too expensive. We have been working with
Office XP-Pivot Tables and noticed large differences
between XP and 2000. Is there a documentation describing
the differences in detail. Our customer might want to
upgrade to XP if the advantages are strikingly

With Office 2000 I noticed:
- producing cube-files was not possible
  -->no offline OLAP
- grouping elements was inactive
- no field list with tree view available
- show/hide Detail inactive
- order elements inactive
- Element properties not available
- Sorting and Top Ten much harder to find for user

Is there more? We have installed PTSFull to get Excel
2000 working at all.

The rule for sorting was unclear to users. If one sorts  
by revenue (top ten, descending) and Excel is showing the
years 1999 and 2000, will it sort by 1999, 2000 or by the
sum of revenue of both years.

I know this is really an Excel Forum question, but the
amount of BI related answers is close to zero there.

TIA Lutz

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