How to copy an upsize-wizard'ed db (sysmessages) ?

How to copy an upsize-wizard'ed db (sysmessages) ?

Post by OfficeConsul » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I upsized an Access db to sql-server (with the wizard). After
testing/fiddling I did a "create sql-script" and checked all(?) the
checkmarks, to get a script I could run on the clients server.
This seemed to work fine.
But the triggers (referential integrity) does some RAISERROR's with numbers
unknown to my clients server. How do I find/export these messages to the
client's server ?

Or did i "export" my db the "wrong" way ?

When I do a select * from sysmessages where errornumber
is-somewhere-near-the-unknown-raised-error I can see there is a lot of
error's with the exact same description. Is this 'coz the wizard is stupid
? Should I change the code in the triggers to "re-use" just one of the
error-numbers (for simplicity/size) ?

Jim Andersen


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