DTS Log/Executing DTS from stored procedure

DTS Log/Executing DTS from stored procedure

Post by Sean Sampe » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 06:28:11

I'm trying out the syntax for a stored procedure in a QA window...

* I'm using the code found at
http://www.sqldts.com/default.aspx?6,104,210,0,1, but ain't nuthin
happening. As a test, I'm just trying to change the value of a global
variable. I run the code in the link above (I'll include it below too), but
the value isn't changing. I'm not getting an error message from Query
Analyzer -- it just reports the commands completed successfully. I'm signed
on using the sa account to be sure privileges aren't a problem. I can
execute the DTS directly from EM, and the value does change.

* Assuming I can get this to work, how do I view the results? Where does SQL
Server store the log? I'm trying to display the results in ASP.

As always, thanks in advance to the souls who monitor this board.


    PRINT '***  Create Package object failed'


 -- DTSSQLServerStorageFlags :
--- DTSSQLStgFlag_Default = 0
--- DTSSQLStgFlag_UseTrustedConnection = 256

  'LoadFromSQLServer("SQLTEST", "", "", 256, , , , "remote exec")',

    PRINT '***  Load Package failed'


    PRINT '***  Execute failed'


    PRINT '***  Destroy Package failed'




DTS Log/Executing DTS from stored procedure

Post by Allan Mitchel » Sun, 06 Oct 2002 18:19:48

Have a look at this alternate code.  The thing about sp_OA** is that
if you don't trap the errors then you don't see them. They do not
auto display as in most other things.


Allan Mitchell
I support PASS - the definitive, global community for SQL Server
professionals - http://www.sqlpass.org


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process_control.dbo.DTS_errors (error_code, error_msg, DTS_package,

process_control.dbo.DTS_errors (error_code, error_msg, DTS_package,

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