SQL 7 - IIS ASP IUSR connection problems....

SQL 7 - IIS ASP IUSR connection problems....

Post by stev » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 00:19:08

having trouble getting my SQL 7 database to talk with my
software thru IIS...  any suggestions??

I think that the IUSR is the problem.  How do you gett he
ISUR to appear in theSQL list of users for the database.  
Does not seem to work if the user is added manually with a
login name, login name should read as <none>.




SQL 7 - IIS ASP IUSR connection problems....

Post by Dinesh.T.K » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 03:18:38






1. SQL, IIS, and Local IUSR Account

I am unable to accomplish the following. Can anyone help or point me to a

Five server domain with PDC and BDC.
SQL installed on non-PDC/BDC machine used for SQL only.
IIS 4.0 installed on another non-PDC/BDC machine used for web server only.

IIS creates a local IUSR account. Because it is a local machine account, I
cannot add it to a NT domain local or global group. Therefore, I cannot add
the IUSR account to the list of MSSQL users or set it up in the ODBC
connection from the web server to the sql server. I have tried many
scenarios with no success.

Can anyone help?

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