Data not visible using ODBC

Data not visible using ODBC

Post by Paul Scot » Sun, 05 Jan 2003 02:09:59


I have SQL linked to Access using ODBC.  Twice today, on
different tables, when opening, partial columns or whole
columns of data are not visible, just nulls.  Any query
against these columns produces nulls, if I attempt to type
in them I get a msg stating that the data has been
modified by someone else and do I want to drop the changes
etc. (No other users use this db)  In Enterprise Manager
or Query Analyzer the data is there and appears to be fine.

Deleting the DSN and recreating it fixes problem as does
dropping the table in SQL and recreating & populating.

I have SP2 for windows 2000, SQL 2000 and MDAC 6.5. Data
is fine if viewed in an Access Data Project.

Any ideas as to why this is happening with ODBC.



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i have a form, generated by the wizard, with standard navigation buttonset.
Which method is triggerd, if the user click on next, prev etc, means a new
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 i want to display a a picture or not. Like

if bBoolValue = = .t.
    thisform.mypicture.visible = .t.

I tried the on paint method of the form, but this give me various problems
After a hour i did it with putting the code on every button, but i guess
there must be a better method.

Thanks in advance


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