SQL 2K Changing Sort Order

SQL 2K Changing Sort Order

Post by n. » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:31:20

How do you change the Sort Order of an existing database. I'm under the
impression you can do this in SQL2K, in the same server instance, on a DB by
DB basis.

SQL 2K Changing Sort Order

Post by Anith Se » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:36:29


Also do:

  FROM ::fn_helpcollations()
 WHERE [Name] = SERVERPROPERTY('collation')



See details about all the above in SQL Server Books Online.

- Anith
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Hi everyone.  This is my first post.  I am not a SQL guru
but I am a system admin that has to support it.  My
question is, Can you use the Same SQL server and have two
clients that have different sort orders???

Hopefully this is anough info to get an answer.  I will
check back soon.

Thanks in advance

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