MS Access - SQL Server 6.5 Help needed!

MS Access - SQL Server 6.5 Help needed!

Post by Valery D Borisiu » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Advice, pls better than Delphi's Data Pump instrument to transfer data with

all DRI correctly from Access to SQL Server.

I use Delphi's Data Pump to transfer tables,but all dependences transferres
correctly. To fix it I use ERWIN - but it's very complexive.

Sincerelly yours


1. Migration from MS Access 7.0 to MS SQL Server 6.5 - NEED HELP

There is 10MB Access database (about 40 tables, 50 queries, 50 procedures)
that is accessed by 10 Access clients.
Since this base will be considerably enlarged soon, i have decided
transfere it to SQL server to avoid this problem in future.
Of course, all the relationships inside must be saved and client parts must
be able work with new base.
Is there any way to do this automatically, or i must write code to export
each table, restore all relationships and then link these table back to
client base?

Kirill V. Florensky

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