ANN: AdeptSQL Workshop 1.01

ANN: AdeptSQL Workshop 1.01

Post by Alexey Reato » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 21:55:24


If anybody's shopping for inexpensive SQL editor, preprocessor, decompiler
and schema compare/synchronization tools,  take a look at the new "AdeptSQL
Workshop" tool.  It works with 7.0 and 2000 servers via ADO, integrates with
MS Visual SourceSafe.

I won't waste your time any more, visit or email me for any
details. Hope that fellow MSSQL developers would consider this positng as a
useful link (rather than a blatant adverti*t).

Good luck!

Alex Reatov,


1. ANN: new SQL compare tool - AdeptSQL Diff 1.0


Those who are looking for a program to compare and synchronize schema
between two MS SQL databases are invited to look at the subj. This new
tool is very fast, flexible, easy to use and have some neat features like
drag-n-drop SQL decompilation. You can find all details (including snapshots
and full online documentation) at:


Alex Reatov,  Adept SQL Tools.

P.S. I posted to this newsgroup because I believe the info may be useful
to some folks here. I tried to make this announce clearly marked as
such and keep it as short as possible, in the hope that it won't be
regarded as a spam. Thank you for your understanding.

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