Table doesn't exist

Table doesn't exist

Post by Buddy Robbin » Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have linked my SQL Server 7.0 sp1 database tables to an access database.
When I try to open some of the tables, I get "Couldn't execute query;
couldn't find linked table".
I could understand all or none of the tables working, but the "some of the
tables" is kicking my butt.

Right now the database is wide open, so there is no permissions problem.
I did an ODBC trace, opening a working table and then a non-working table.

The working table generated :
  MSACCESS        fb:cd EXIT  SQLExecDirect  with return code 0
  HSTMT               0x094c1bf0
  UCHAR *             0x0dec0d20 [      -3] "SELECT
"dbo"."OPTION_Frnmod"."Frnmod" FROM "dbo"."OPTION_Frnmod" \ 0"
  SDWORD                    -3

The non-working table generated:
  MSACCESS        fb:cd EXIT  SQLExecDirect  with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)
  HSTMT               0x094c1bf0
  UCHAR *             0x113c0d30 [      -3] "SELECT
"dbo"."OPTION_Adsize"."AdSize" FROM "dbo"."OPTION_Adsize" \ 0"
  SDWORD                    -3

If I user Query Analyzer, both queries return data.

Any Ideas what the heck is going on?

Thanks in advance

Buddy Robbins


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I have installed Analysis Services on a XP PRO machine.  
I have attempted to create a cube with a single fact
table.  The fact table is a VFP free table.  In the cube
editor I can right-click on the fact table and browse the
data.  When I process the cube, however, it gives me an
error message saying the the  file doesn't exist.

I am using the OLEDB driver for ODBC and have a system
DSN setup pointing to my tables.  The tables are located
on an NT4 server.

There are three possible passwords involved.  There is
one on the ODBC dsn (I don't think it is used), one on
the MSOLAP service and one on the data source in AS.  I
have tried admin user/passwords and the user/password of
the owner of the pc and the data on the server (he
normally accesses the server based files from Foxpro on
this same client machine) in all three places.  Still I
get the same result - "file does not exist".

Thanks for any possible help,
Dennis Willis

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