error reporting from a cursor (exec sql task)

error reporting from a cursor (exec sql task)

Post by Euan Garde » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 16:23:28

If you want to use DTS for this you might be better using a Data Driven
Query Task.


Quote:> I need to loop through every row of a source file and then insert/update
> appropriately.  One of my requirements is to log the details of every
> insert/update that fails.  I have audit job and audit task tables set up
> that I write to for every task.

> What is the recommended way of erroring out row level details from a
> that gets executed from an Execute SQL Task?

> Mike


1. EXEC SQL TASK - Error

(sql2000 + sp2)
I am using an Exec Sql Task to execute a stored procedure
which returns an return code and two output parameters.
I have hooked up the parameters and return codes to output
parameters within the exec sql task.
The problem I am having is that the sp raising a sql error
back to dts.
The sp will update and insert values into a tables from

violation/pk violation. (based on the error handling
procedures discussed in bol)
When I run the same sql used in the task from within query
manager, I get the sql server fk violation error message
but I can also retrieve the return codes and parameters

The problem is that the exec sql task is aborting before
the step finishes and i do not get the return codes or
output variables.

What is the best method of doing this if I want to check
for these errors - Is there any way of surpressing the
error messages such that the task is not aborted?

SQL Task Extract:




-- Declare variables used in error checking.
set nocount on

-- Execute the UPDATE statement.

-- variables before they are cleared.

-- the UPDATE statement returns a foreign-key violation
error #547.


      /*print 'ERROR: Invalid ID specified for new
      RETURN 1
      print 'ERROR: Unhandled error occurred'
      RETURN 2

   print 'Warning: The title_id specified is not valid'
   print 'The book has been updated with the new publisher'


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